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Our Insurance software products and technologies provide increase productivity, competitiveness and deliver cost savings.


Online Policy Quotation, Issuance and Fulfillment Web Systems

 Our online application enables brokers and underwriting agencies the ability to market and distribute products to their clients online. Stakeholders such as Staff, Underwriters and Insurers have access to the system within authority limits to vary the underwriting, acceptance criteria and pricing.  All the necessary documentation and compliance material is provided via the system as well as online payments.Our online application provides approved Brokers with access to products on a wholesale basis. Brokers can obtain  an  online quote and bind cover, thereby providing a fast turnaround in policy issuance and processing.

  • Customisable for Affinity or Buying Group
    Identified markets or affinity groups can be targeted with Branded Products
  • Clients
    Clients whether direct or through a Broker can obtain an online quote, make payments and download all their documentation via the Web, thereby providing a fast turnaround in policy issuance and processing.
  • Interface to backend Broker System
    Policies processed via the online application are automatically transferred to the brokers or underwriting agencies back end system, such as Winbeat and BrokerPlus
  • Insurer Interfacebr
    Depending on the individual insurers requirements data is automatically exported to the insurer’s insurance system.
  • Administration
    The Administration interface provides administrators multilevel access to manage and approve quotations outside the underwriting criteria, make amendments to client details, renew policies, search policies plus a suite of reports  and data analysis tools. The database backend allows for ad-hoc reporting and analysis. 

Claims Management Systems

The claims process is often handled manually, with claims staff working with paper files and outdated or inflexible systems. But modern claims systems present the opportunity to not only streamline claims management by automating processes, but improve customer service through a reduction in settlement times, the enforcement of best-practice rules, and the ability to deliver personal service. At the same time, systems must provide a foundation that can support future business growth and development.

We have a range of custom built Claims Management Systems, either stand alone or integrated with popular insurance back end systems such as BrokerPlus and Winbeat.

Each of our Claims Management systems incorporates:

  • Recording of Claims and Incident information
  • Reserves and Estimates
  • Diary Notes, Tasks and Follow Up
  • Automatic Document Production
  • Payments
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

Risk Management Systems

Insurance Technology Solutions have developed a Risk Management system that streamlines the process of collecting information, analysing the risk and producing reports for clients.

Our Risk Management System has the following features:

  • Client and Property Database
  • Risk Assessment analysis
  • Recommendations and Follow up
  • What if scenario’s
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Online Access for Clients

Intranet / Extranet

Effective Communication and Collaboration are keys to business success. Insurance Technology Solutions intranet application creates a powerful environment that links Staff, Suppliers and Business Partners.

Insurance Technology Solutions provides Intranet/Extranet Support Systems that are password protected support and communications system designed to provide staff, suppliers and business partners with online access to Documents, News and Events and Discussion Forums.

  • Strengthening relationships with staff through continuous communications
  • Reduce printing and postage costs by providing electronic manuals, procedures and updates
  • Provide latest updates, industry news, and electronic newsletters
  • Increase income by sharing ideas, sales strategies, and operational procedures
  • Eliminate compliance issues by keeping complete track of all communications, documents and procedures.


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