Franchise Technology

The franchising business model works because a great team of people can do more to achieve a goal than a group of individuals. Our systems and solutions work, not only because we assist you to keep your team in top form, but also because our unique experience in franchising allows us to quickly become one of the most valuable members of your team. When you have Franchise Technology Solutions on your team, you have over 15 years of franchise experience available to you. We continue to evolve our products and services to meet the ever-changing demands being faced in today’s competitive market place.




Franchise Technology Solutions works with your business team to develop integrated solutions, taking into consideration information technology, marketing, operations and financial management. Our consultants have extensive experience in the franchise sector.
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Software Development

Our Franchise software development team are passionate and experienced in Microsoft products and technologies. We provide advanced business analysis, consulting and software solution development solutions geared to the Franchise Community. 
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Products & Technologies

Our Franchise software products and technologies provide increase productivity, competiveness and deliver cost savings. 
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