Infrastructure solutions

At Technology Solutions, we provide a comprehensive range of infrastructure solutions and services to manage and maintain the infrastructure in your business at optimum levels. Our dedicated product managers design, create and implement these solutions according to your technology needs. With our extensive experience and knowledge of systems software and integrated hardware, we are able to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and highly customised infrastructure solutions.

Infrastructure setup and maintenance

Our infrastructure solutions include complete setup and deployment services, as well as ongoing maintenance. We provide the following set up and maintenance services: Read More

IT support

Our maintenance programmes incorporate infrastructure, system maintenance as well as networking support. This includes: Read More

Support plans

We understand that every business has a range of financial capabilities and we provide support plans accordingly. Read More

Fixed Price Support Plans

Cost certainty is essential for budget planning and ongoing cost reductions, so these plans are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and the services offered in these plans can be tailored to suit your needs. Our support plans include: Read More

‘Pay As You Go’ Support

Our infrastructure solutions also cater to clients requiring rapid turnaround and expert assistance on a task-by-task basis. These plans are perfect for business assistance in the following situations: Read More


Our consulting services to provide recommendations and available options for advancing your business. Our team of experts conducts a thorough assessment and evaluation of your current applications and hardware to provide product performance reviews, price comparisons with deployment plans, and project management recommendations.Read More

Hardware & software

Through our decades of experience, we have developed strong buying power and alliances with all major hardware & software vendors. Some of the infrastructure applications we provide include backup and antivirus software, spam filtering, and disaster recovery software. Our consultants are trained to deliver the perfect hardware and software suitable for your business. Our infrastructure solutions also include several business applications such as: Read More

Internet solutions

We provide a range of internet solutions, including internet access, web hosting, email, and Wide Area Network (WAN) connections. Read More


To prevent loss of productivity while your staff takes the time to become acquainted with unfamiliar software and applications, our infrastructure solutions include effective training sessions. Our professional trainers instruct your staff in the correct use of any new software and applications. Read More

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